How to choose a water bottle? What is the best drinking bottle?

In recent years, a new trend has been spreading, with people decline to "arm" themselves with pet bottles every day, whether for work or on a trip, instead of using a variety of containers and water bottles. What is good to mention at the beginning? That's a great trend!


If you're considering buying such a bottle, you're doing very well. The positive effect on the environment is indisputable, resulting in much less plastic waste, which is then difficult to remove from the world. But be careful, choosing the right bottle is important. Which water bottle is the best?


The selection is quite wide today, here are the key features of how to choose the right bottle:



The best choice is a glass bottle, but also plastic or metal.


Plastic bottle - although plastic bottles can not deny the positive effect of reducing plastic waste due to the reduced consumption of pet bottles, we are still talking about artificial material that can be harmful not only to the country but also to humans. What do we drink with water when using a plastic bottle?


Glass bottle - any beverage doesn’t taste as good as from the water bottle. And no plastic! Good recycling! Lasts long! A glass bottle, which can generally be described as an eco bottle, is the best choice both in terms of environmental impact and in terms of drinking. A certain disadvantage may be the higher weight of the glass, but when using high-quality light-tempered glass it is not a problem. You can find such a bottle here.


Metal bottle - its disadvantage is the higher weight, which is difficult to eliminate. It obviously has a better effect than a plastic bottle, but in terms of practicality, it's a bit worse.



There are a lot of practical bottles on the market, but there are not so many that add a nice look. Why not combine a practical gift with a style? Design glass eco bottle available here.



Don't be fooled! Of course, plastic bottles are cheaper due to the cheaper material, but that does not mean that the price of around $50 per glass bottle is adequate to its cost, that is why our water bottles are under $30.



Last but not least, it is necessary to mention maintenance= cleaning. This is often underestimated, but in practice, it brings a lot of work and extra time. See if the bottle is suitable for washing in a dishwasher because there are not many water bottles that can be put in the dishwasher. You can find one here. If the dishwasher is not an option,  you will have to take care of the cleaning manually and know that especially in plastic bottles will settle in the summer a lot of nasty things. We wrote about how to clean the water bottle here.



Do you want to pour hot tea into your bottle at work? Can you imagine pour it in a plastic bottle? A glass eco bottle brings this possibility into reality.


In conclusion, buying a water bottle is the right direction. It is good to think about how to minimize the negative impact on our Earth. But take a few minutes to choose it, and think about your health! When we go through the parameters, the clear winner is the glass water bottle. It wins thanks to the reduced environmental impact associated with simpler recycling and longer lifespan, but also a better taste of beverages and the absence of artificial substances that can be mixed into the water while drinking.


Quick Start:

1. MATERIAL - plastic, metal or glass? Our recommendation is definitely glass!


2. DESIGN - most bottles are boring, but there are also bottles with a design that you will like.


3. PRICE - don't be fooled, 40$ for a glass bottle is not a good price...


4. MAINTENANCE - do you prefer daily scrubbing in your hand or convenient dishwasher washing? If you don't have a dishwasher, here's how to clean the bottle effectively.


5. FILLING OPTIONS - do not put hot tea in plastic!


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