How to choose men's underwear?

How to choose boxers? Ideal gift for men!

Today we advise women, here you will find the same advice for men - how to choose women's underwear?


Not sure how to choose men's underwear? How to choose boxers for a friend or husband?

In general, ladies have it a little easier when choosing their partner's underwear. A large number of men do not attach too much importance to the kind of undies they are wearing. The main thing they expect from them is to have comfort and freedom at home or just to keep everything where they should at work or during sport ... Here's how to get as close as possible to choosing the best undies for men's.

 The right choice of underwear includes the 3 most important points - cut, size and color (design).

1) CUT

The choice of cut type is not that wide. What matters is whether he prefers loose shorts or slim fit boxers. If a man prefers a rather slim fit, suitable for work or sports, there is nothing to hesitate and get him men's boxers briefs. If he favors well-being and freedom, for home lounging or sleeping, Free Balls are the best choice.


Men's BeMine underwear offers 2 options:

Boxers briefs - reliability!

- The so-called Trunks hold everything where they should. You can check them here.

Free Balls Boxer shorts - #boys safe #

- for total freedom and well-being. You can check them here.


Advice! Whether boxers briefs or boxers shorts are better is up to the individual who they prefer to wear. And when you are unsure, make a decision in particular according to the main purpose for which they are to be used. Do you want a more fashionable boxer briefs for him for every use, or will he be comfortable in the boxers shorts? In general, boxers briefs can be described as ideal for work, trips or sports, while boxers shorts for home or sleeping.


Most men appreciate mainly comfort. So if you hesitate between 2 sizes, the bigger one probably won't ruin anything. Needless to say, even in health terms this option will be more appropriate, there is nothing worse than when it pushes where it should not ...

Advice! If you don't know what size he normally wears, secretly look into his closet and find out. Alternatively, use the size charts that are sometimes available in stores. Attention - these may vary in every shop, but each cut may differ in details. Size chart of BeMine can be found here.

BeMine underwear sizes correspond to the sizes of underwear in regular stores.


What is his favorite color? Does he prefer Christmas motives or something more conservative? But what will make him definitely happy? If you get paired underwear, one for him and one for her. Which guy wouldn't like when woman wants to show him that she belongs to him?

You can find it here: BeMine underwear for couples.

Quick Start:

1. Select CUT

- Boxers briefs are more practical for work and especially for sports

- Our Free balls also knowns as Boxer shorts are more comfortable at home or sleeping

- check his wardrobe, which type he prefers

- choose according to the target use - work, sport or at home?


2. Select SIZE

- choose according to its most often chosen size

- when deciding between 2 sizes, a larger number is usually a wiser choice

- if necessary use the size charts


3. Select DESIGN

- Focus on his favorite colors

- prefers simple motives or is he not afraid to go wild?

4. Choose women's underwear that match with his gift. After all, underwear for couples shows that you want to be a team, and that is often needed! In addition, it is not only suitable as a Valentine gift or anniversary gift, but it is also a suitable birthday gift or Christmas present.

BEST MATCHING UNDIES FOR for men and women can be found here.


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