Women who like comfort and lace is not an option. Women who needs a support and performance for sports or achieving her goals. If you like to have everything under control then Bikiny are the right one.


Women who like more coverage, but also wants to feel sexy. For women which lace is must have. Women who likes freedom and comfort. Ideal for every day, night and all adventures of life.


Women who wants less coverage,and likes to put sexy clothes on. Women who likes to provoke.  If more lace means more happiness then cheeky are the right ones.

Trunks/Boxer briefs

For days when men likes to look good and elegance is a must have. If he is cool but also wants ti be comfortable-for work. For action moments of sport when he doesn't wont to be interrupted. This all is provided by our cut, which hold everything on the right places but is not too tight to endanger the comfortableness.

Boxers/Boxers shorts/Free balls

For days when comfort and freedom are the priority number one. Ideal for weekends, long nights and evenings. You can enjoy this comfort at work too, if you wear jeans or trousers. With boxers you are totally free but be aware of the wind :D

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