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BeMine, limited lability company, with its registered office at Blatného 1846/23, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky, ID No. 07018461, registered in the Commercial Register kept at the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 105664 (hereinafter referred to as "Data Controller") is both processor and data controller of your personal data.

Contact information Controller:

-        Delivery address: Blatného 1846/23, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky

-        E-mail address:



Personal information is considered to be all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is a natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to a particular identifier (name, number, network identifier) ​​or one or more specific elements of physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of this individual.

The personal data processed by the Data Controller include, first of all, the name, surname, billing and delivery address, telephone contact, e-mail address or payment data, ie data that are relevant to the conclusion of the purchase contract. It also processes personal data that are provided by you within your user account and have been voluntarily filled in.



•       Performance of the contract - the primary reason for processing your personal data is to ensure the fulfillment of the concluded purchase contract, so that the whole business process is carried out smoothly and correctly. Similarly, in the case of complaint proceeding or claims arising from damages, etc., ie in cases where the contractual relationship continues.

•       Legal reasons - the above performance of the contract is closely related to legal obligations. The Data Controller is required to keep certain documents such as accounting or tax documents, for example for accounting purposes. The Data Controller is thus guided by generally binding legal regulations, processing in particular personal and billing personal data for this purpose.

•       Delivery of goods - for the purpose of performing the contract within the point of delivery of the goods, the Data Controller processes personal data such as contact address or telephone contact. Specialized transport companies are used for the delivery of goods, which are provided with your personal data necessary for delivering the goods to the agreed place and for securing the goods receipt by the customer.

•       User account - The Data Controller also processes personal data within user accounts. These serve to improve the service, especially facilitating the re-purchase of goods. When creating a user account, it is necessary to fill in the mandatory personal data, mainly for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, as well as the optional data provided by the user on the basis of the voluntary creation of a user account.

•       Marketing purposes - The Data Controller processes personal data for the following marketing purposes:

o   Improving the services provided - the main goal of data processing for marketing purposes is to improve the quality of our services. With customer preference monitoring, web site behavior, or product selection, you can better specify customer needs.

o   Contests - This applies especially to announced competitions, when the Data Controller processes personal data to determine the winner and deliver the goods to the winner (this is especially the name, surname, e-mail address and delivery address).

o   Evaluation, reviews - Voluntarily completed reviews of our customer service, especially for improving the service provided.

o   E-mail marketing - based on your consent, we send you an email marketing message. You can easily opt out of a business message subscription by setting up your user account via the contact form on our website or via the internet link that is available in every such business message.

•       Other purposes - relating in particular to improving the services offered:

o   Order history analysis,

o   Analysis of customer behavior on the web,

o   Analysis of customer preferences and display content,

o   developing a new product,

o   statistical analysis.

We can use tools such as Google Analytics and similar tools to optimize web features. Our company does not automatically make individual decisions within the meaning of Article 22 of the Regulation.



•       Performance of the contract - it is necessary to process personal data to fulfill the contract between you and our company. This includes billing and delivery data.

•       Eligible interests - As part of this legal reason, we may to you as a customer, send e-mail or SMS messages with business communications about the same or similar products you have shown interest in at the moment when you became our customer. If your personal data are processed for this reason, you can object to this processing through the contact form on our website or simply unsubscribe at any time in the same way or via an internet link based on any such marketing message.

•       Granted consent - We ask for your consent to send marketing communications. If you are our customer and you have not opted out of a business message subscription, we may send you such selected business communications as described above. However, you can simply unsubscribe from these notifications by setting up a user account or contacting us on our website. Also, if you have already given your consent, you can withdraw this consent at any time, again in the same way, for example through the contact form.



In certain cases, particularly for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, your personal data may be provided to a third party. These include, in particular, the following cases and the following persons:

•       Carrier - for the delivery of goods in performance of the contract. Our company chooses specialized transport companies.

•       Payment gateway and banking institutions - for payment methods selected, payment information is transferred directly to the financial institution or to the relevant payment service provider as a secured payment gateway.

•       Less often other persons - service providers in the context of targeted advertising, insurance companies in the event of an insured event, state authorities in the event of their request for a valid reason, etc.

•       Social networks - personal information can be shared on social networks (especially Facebook or Instagram, etc.), especially in the framework of participating in the announced competitions, with your consent. It does not apply to situations when you, as a social network user, have shared a feed and a situation of a similar type.



The Data Controller processes the personal data for the duration of the effects of the contractual rights and obligations, subsequently for the period necessary for the archiving according to the relevant generally binding legal regulations (e.g. accounting) and then on the basis of the granted consent for  further 5 years unless your consent to the processing your personal data has been revoked by you. The 5-year period, in conjunction with your consent, also applies to marketing communications. Personal data obtained from a user account are retained for the duration of the use of our services and subsequently 5 years after its cancellation, then only the basic data and the reason for cancellation of the user account or data forming part of the operational backups.


7.      SAFETY

Privacy is one of our priorities of our company. The Data Controller has made reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure the processing of personal data processed. Within our company, only company executives have access to personal data. The company's web interface has a "https" security feature.



•       Deletion (withdrawal of consent) - You may revoke your consent to the processing of your personal information at any time in the settings section of the user account or contact us at the above e-mail address or use the contact form on the website. If you do, your personal information will be erased, but excluding the information that the Data Controller needs to meet legal obligations (invoices) or to protect his or her legitimate interests (in the case of a claim or a record of outstanding claims, etc.).

•       Editing - In case the data has been changed or you want to add it, you can simply edit the data in the user account or contact us via the contact form or directly at the above mentioned e-mail address mentioned in point 1 above.

•       Correction - If you think the Data Controller is processing the wrong information, please contact us.

•       Access - At any time, you can ask Data Controller for the following information about the data he is processing about you:

o   for the purposes of processing such personal data,

o   types of such personal data,

o   who are the other recipients of these data,

o   the period for which such data are to be processed,

o   information on the possibilities of restriction or deletion of such data,

o   about the source of these data if we did not get them from you.

•       Submission of an objection – in case the Data Provider processes data based on the legitimate reason for legitimate interest (part 4) and the data subject can not influence the situation, and the reason is not the fulfillment of a legal obligation, you may object to the limitation of the data processed, for example through our contact form or contact us at the e-mail address mentioned in item 1 above.

•       Restrictions - If you deny the accuracy of the data, you do not require total erasure, the Data Controller no longer needs data for the original purpose, only for legal reasons and the decision on your objection has not  been settled yet, in this case you may request at least a limitation of data processing, only backed up, for other activities such as direct marketing can only be used with your consent.

•       Complaint - In case you believe that the processing of your data has been violated by the Data Controller, you have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority. However, we will be happy if you will deal with any discrepancies first with us. You can contact us via the contact form or e-mail


If you suspect personal privacy violations due to the processing of personal information, you have the right to request an adequate explanation. You are also entitled to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection at any time (

You can make adjustments or corrections of your personal data through the settings in your user account, then you can use our contact form for all cases or contact us directly at


9.      COOKIES

Administrators use cookies on their websites. Cookies are short text files that are saved in your web browser. In this way, they automatically record your visit information to distinguish, but not identify, individual users and customize the content to the user's preference.

In addition to making site activity more user-friendly, cookies primarily ensure the use of user accounts and more effective website visits.

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