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Do not remove the label from the laundry until you are sure of the correct size!


Does not fit your size?
We do not mind, we will exchange for the right within 14 days!

If you find that your purchased size does not fit, do not worry, we will change your size to the correct one, up to 14 days.


1)     When you receive the goods, first try the laundry and do not remove the linen from the laundry! By removing the sign, it is understood that the laundry has been worn and for hygienic reasons the goods can not be returned or replaced.

2)     If the size does not fit, please email us at info@beminematchingoutfits.com and we will talk to you as soon as possible about the next step in the exchange of goods.

3)     Pack the wrong size pack (preferably in the original package) and send it to us and we will send you the correct size of the garment in return, we understand that you sometimes do not fully appreciate the selection;


Do you want to return the goods?
You have 14 days. Just be careful, do not remove the label from the laundry!

If you bought an inappropriate gift or you simply do not want the goods, you can take advantage of the withdrawal from the sales contract. This Your right is valid for 14 days from receipt of the Goods. But warns you not to remove the label from the laundry. Just try the laundry under other clothes. If the label is removed, it is assumed that the laundry has been used and can not be returned for hygienic reasons. You would not want to buy the clothes that someone used before you ...


1)     Tell us you want to return the goods, preferably via the withdrawal form, which you have to send to: info@beminematchingoutfits.com. We will contact you at your email address.

2)     Then pack the goods (preferably in the original packaging) and send the address or the address mentioned to us. to the registered address of the company: Blatného 1846/23, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky.


Does the item have a defect?
The warranty period is 2 years. Contact us, we'll solve it together!

If you find any defect that is not caused by wear, do not hesitate to contact us. We solve all cases individually with an effort to reach your satisfaction. You can, of course, complain about the right to claim goods within the framework of the right of defective performance, until 24 months after receiving the goods, you can use the claim form.

Nevertheless, we recommend contacting us first. Send us a photo and a description of the defect, we will contact you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.


1)     Contact us at info@beminematchingoutfits.com and send us:

·        A photo showing detail of the defect

·        Verbal description of the defect

2)     We will contact you with the next step.

Alternatively, On the basis of the right of defective performance, you can complain directly by sending the goods with a filled-in claim form to the registered address of the company. Please refer to the "Complaints Procedure" section for details of how the claim process works and „the claim rules“.


If you do not know the advice, you can always contact us by email info@beminematchingoutfits.com, and we will contact you as soon as possible, the satisfied customer is one of our priorities.


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