BeMine is a family owned business who have a passion for sustainability. Like you, we care for our environment and one of our priorities is to make fashion sustainably.


How do we reduce the negative impact of fashion?


Local materials with OEKO

We produce primarily from local materials! So most of our fabrics don’t travel all around the world and we choose local fabric whenever we can! Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 standard certified this means they are safe for you and for the planet. Our swimsuits are made from recycled polyester! Recycled polyester helps keeping bottles and other plastics out of the landfills and oceans which is an amazing thing for us and that is why we use it. 


Local manufacturing

BeMine clothes are made in the Czech Republic, in Central Europe. We work with several independent sewing ladies and companies, we provide them fair wages with fair working conditions. We give opportunities to the small local companies or individuals to work with us and we are so glad we have so many good production partners. We also use low-waste cutting techniques to minimize the textile waste in production.


Recycled packaging materials

We use only recycled packaging materials, so we save our planet from other plastics. We do our best to minimize our consumption of packaging by reusing all boxes or other packaging material as much as possible. The same packaging from a first fabric delivery is used also for transport to sewing company and back to us as well.


Our clothes are made to last

Thanks to the good materials and great craftsmanship of our sewing team our clothes are made to last so they will last longer in comparation with fast fashion pieces and that is why we love what we do. You save money and the planet because our clothes are there for you for a long time! 


Vegan products

Our products are 100% animal-friendly. We don’t use any products from animals.


We give back

Because we want the world to be a better place, we donate 5% of our profits to the animal shelters all over the world. Do you have some tip for animal shelter in need? Write us.

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