How to choose women's underwear?

How to choose panties? ... the perfect gift for a woman!

Today we advise men, here you will find the same advice for women - how to choose men's underwear?


Not sure how to choose women's underwear? How to choose panties for wife?

Everyone is different, so it is not possible to say conclusively what the best gift for a woman or girlfriend is. But to help you make the right choice and try to increase your chances of success, here's our tip for a romantic gift and a non-traditional gift for a woman.


The right choice of underwear includes the 3 most important points - cut, size and color (design).

1) CUT

The hardest thing to start with. There are several types of panties and each manufacturer also uses its own cut, which may vary more or less. So think about the most important feature - sexy look, sports use or maximum comfort? Also consider the amount of lace used.

BeMine underwear offers 3 cuts:

- Cheeky - beauty!

most sexy, they contain a lot of lace and you can check them here

- Hipsty - delicacy!

also sexy cut, excels in extra fine lace at the waist and you can check them here

- Bikini - comfort!

ideal for sports, everything holds great where they should and you can check them here

Advice! Try to remember what type of underwear your woman wears or visit her wardrobe discreetly. If you need a map, the best chance of finding this treasure will be in the bedroom in the drawer cupboard or chest of drawers.



If you don't know what size your beloved prefers, peek into her closet again to see what size predominates. If you don't have this option, you can check out the size charts that are sometimes available in stores. Note - each tag may have different dimensions for each size. Size chart of BeMine can be found here.

BeMine underwear sizes correspond to the sizes of underwear in regular stores.


Which color is her favorite? Does she like fruit designs or prefer a Christmas theme? It certainly won't hurt our already popular insight into her wardrobe. Colors that repeat there certainly will not be wrong choice. And what will make this gift special? When you join and buy paired underwear in the same design! Find here.

Finally, it is necessary to add that the best women's underwear can be completely different for each woman. The subjective view of how comfortable linen is, the diversity of our characters, different tastes, etc.

How to make sure that she will love your gift ? Share the gift with her and get underwear for couples. You will show her that you want to belong to her ... Moreover, it is not only a gift for Valentine's Day or a gift for an anniversary, but it is also a suitable birthday gift or a gift for Christmas. So do not hesitate and match with your love!

Quick Start:

1) select CUT

- go through her wardrobe, watch what she normally wears,

- choose according to the utility properties to be the most important (sports use, sexy appearance, etc.),

- consider whether she likes lace,

- sexy cheeky, soft hipsty or practical bikini?

2) select SIZE

- Choose the size you wear most often

- Use size tables

- consider whether it prefers comfort or perfect look.

3) select COLOR (DESIGN)

- choose from her favorite colors,

- consider whether she prefers e.g fruit design or Christmas motifs.


4) Choose men's underwear that match with her undies, and we promise she will be thrilled! PAIR UNDERWEAR for men and women can be found here.


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